The 195 District was created in 2011 when a stretch of Interstate 195 was relocated, freeing over 26 acres of former highway land for redevelopment. The quasi-public I-195 Redevelopment District and Commission were created to manage the sale, marketing and redevelopment of this land. Seven acres were designated as open space and 19 acres were slated for redevelopment. 

Since then, 13 projects totaling 2.1 million square feet have been completed, planned or are under construction. This includes 958 housing units and 270,000 square feet of wet lab space. One of the anchor developments in the District is 225 Dyer, home to CIC which provides flexible work space to more than 240 companies and Venture Café Providence.

Our Mission is to develop the former 195 land in Providence to create a thriving innovation district and neighborhood that attracts investment and fosters economic growth and opportunity.