I-195 Redevelopment District Commission Accountability and Transparency

Our Mission: To foster economic development on Rhode Island's 195 land and beyond and generate job creation opportunities that embrace the city's demographics by creating an environment that encourages high-value users to build well-designed structures that enhance the value of surrounding neighborhoods and augment the sense of place.

2017 Meeting Calendar
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February 20, 2017 Agenda
January 18, 2017 Agenda 
December 12, 2016 Agenda
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I-195 Redevelopment Fund
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Request for Proposals: Interim Concession Space on Parcel 42

HR&A Report: Providence Innovation and Design District, January 2016

Environmental Notices

Notice of Public Meeting and Opportunity for Review of Draft Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives on
Parcel 30 of the I-195 Redevelopment District

Draft Analysis of Brownfield Cleanup Alternatives on Parcel 30 of the I-195 Redevelopment District