New restaurant opens on I-195 land in Providence

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (WJAR) — "The Shack,” an aptly-named new restaurant is open in Providence. It's one of the first completed projects on the expansive Interstate 195 land in the city.

To celebrate, the developers planned a block party with live music, and of course, a sampling of food.

“You don’t get this in many cities," said Chris Wangro, president of Zaragunda, Inc., who is one of the businesses that helped develop the space.

The restaurant is a small, pre-fab building with a kitchen inside. Diners will use it like a seafood stand, or food truck. They can order their food and then take it to where they want to eat it.

The Shack sits on green space, complete with grass, a performance stage, and picnic tables. The property is nestled between Dyer Street and Ship Street behind the courthouse.

“To attract talent, you have to offer an appealing place to work, and part of an appealing place to work is to have someplace to eat,” said Peter McNally, director of the 195 Commission.

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