A sense of urgency, incentives and public-private partnerships

As the new chairman of the 195 Redevelopment Commission I strongly believe the time to act is now. The parcels made available in Providence with the relocation of I-195, represent a unique opportunity to demonstrate the Rhode Island's ability to renew and revitalize itself by creating a vibrant urban mixed-use environment. The national economy is strong, interest rates are low, Rhode Island and Providence have new administrations able to make a fresh start, and local employers are looking for opportunities to upgrade or grow their businesses.

Experience has demonstrated that successful urban redevelopment and revitalization requires a collaborative "public- private partnership," which includes the active participation of the state and the city governments, local business, educational and medical institutions and community groups. Each has a role to play. Today, there must be a sense of urgency from all participants to work to make the development a success.

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